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Are You Being Offered A Home Equity Loan That Sounds Too Good To Be True?
barry mcdonald

Have you received a home equity offer that seems too good to be

true. Chances are it probably is. When looking at any type of
large loan especially one secured on your home, care needs to be
taken. Beware of any loans being offered by mail, phone or to
your door by someone you've never contacted or by a company
you've never heard of before. Some abusive lenders prey on low
income or elderly homeowners in need of raising some cash.

Beware also of contractor's offering to do home improvements for
you and organizing your loan for you. You could end up with a
high cost equity loan and could end up unable to make the
payments, and end up having to sell your home to escape your

If in doubt about where to go, ask some family and friends for
advice and recommendations. You may think that because of your
income and credit history that you wont qualify for a home
equity loan from a bank or credit union but also contact these
as they may just have a loan to suit you.

And lastly before you settle on any equity loan, shop around,
you could be paying this loan off for a number of years so take
your time and pick the right one that suits you and not the

About the author:

for more free advice and information visit
www.allabouthomeequity.com for details.

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