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How To Get the Best Home Equity Loan
John Mussi

Are you wondering how to get the best Home Equity loan? Do not be afraid to shop around. If you decide that the timing's right for a home equity loan, ask your friends or family for recommendations of lenders. Comparing home equity loan plans will help you get a better deal.

Contact several lenders, not just the ones that send you mail, call you, or knock on your door. Talk with banks, mortgage companies and mortgage brokers.

Ask all the lenders you interview to explain the Home Equity Loan plans they have for you. If you don't understand any loan terms and conditions, ask them to explain. That is what they are there for! Would you feel more foolish by asking questions or by having to pay a higher cost than was necessary? Knowing just the amount of the monthly payment or the interest rate is not enough.

Pay close attention to fees, including: the application or loan processing fee, origination or underwriting fee, lender or funding fee, appraisal fee, document preparation and recording fees, and broker fees

Negotiate with more than one lender. Don't be afraid to make lenders and brokers compete for your business by letting them know that you're shopping for the best deal. Ask each lender to lower the fees or the interest rate. And ask each to meet or beat the terms of the other lenders.

Before you sign, read all paperwork carefully . It sounds boring and time consuming but it is better to be safe than sorry. If the Home Equity Loan isn't what you expected or wanted, don't sign the papers. Either negotiate changes or walk away. You will be surprised at what you can achieve by being firm.

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John Mussi is the founder of Direct Online Loans who help UK homeowners find the best available loans via the www.directonlineloans.co.uk website.

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