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Bad Credit Home Equity Line Of Credit Loans - 3 Tips On Getting Approved
Carrie Reeder

Home equity line of credit loans gives you flexibility to access

your cash with low rates. Even with bad credit, you can find a
lender who offers rates more reasonable than credit cards or
personal loans. The following three tips will help you get
approved with the best financing company.

1. Check Your Credit Report

Do you know what is on your credit report? While you don't have
to know this information to get approved, you can improve your

Credit reports can have errors on them, needlessly penalizing
you. Double-check with a free copy of your credit history. You
may also find open accounts that you haven't used for a long
time. Closing these accounts can improve your credit score,
qualify you for better rates.

You may also find that your credit score isn't so bad. You can
have good credit standing two years after a bankruptcy. A late
payment can decrease in importance in a year or so too.

2. Shop Conventional Lenders First

Conventional lenders also offer financing to those with poor
credit. Depending on your score, you may find the best rates
with these types of companies. Even though they are conventional
lenders, they will still charge higher rates for B, C, and D

Subprime lenders should also be checked out. They specialize in
dealing with people with poor credit histories. They can also
offer some unconventional loans, such as 100% cash out of your
home equity.

3. Be Honest About Your Credit

Be honest about your credit history when requesting quotes from
lenders. Their loan quotes are only as good as the information
your provide them with. If you apply for a line of credit with
false information, you will be denied. In accurate information
will also give you unrealistic quotes.

Bad credit doesn't mean no credit. You will find a lender,
regardless of your credit score. So don't jump at the first loan
offer you receive. Compare lenders and their terms to get the
best line of credit. Spending a couple of hours researching
companies can yield hundreds of dollars in savings on fees and
interest charges.

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